you don't have to do anything


Note: The writing below felt like a channeling. The words just flowed through my fingertips so effortlessly. I wasn't really thinking that much, just writing. Love when this happens.

There is no rulebook on how to live. There are no set of steps. There is no judgment day.

Your life is simply your life. There is no punishment for your human complexity, only the one you decide to flick upon yourself. There is no hurt in your spirit, only to your ego. There is no pain so great that will eliminate your frequency. Your vibration is vital to the Universe whether it’s low or high. It will forever remain in the breath of life.

Remember, your actions are not you. Your words are not you. Your body is not you. You are you. You are all. You are forever. There is no wrong or right way. There is high and low. There is just life. Life will be lived. Life will bring lessons, limitations, lost and love because life is the human expression of the soul’s intention to bring you closer to your true self. The human expression may be ugly, may be intricate, may be moody, may be grand, may be minute, may be abstract, may be remote, may be global, may be musical, may be cold, may be bleak, may be lush, may be floral, may be any and everything. It may be all of the above in one lifetime. However, the soul’s intention remains steady, remains firm in its rhythm. Your soul never loses its beat because its construction is drawn by God. When you question your soul’s intention, you are questioning God’s intention for one is the other, even if it is hard for our human expression to realize our God selves.

Allow life to come, allow life to be what life will be and the “unfoldment” of your path will be easy. If you fight against it, then life will be much more difficult. Acceptance is key. Acceptance is unconditional love in the lenses of human expression. Acceptance is the closest to realizing your God self in this realm.

However, acceptance is not something you should feel is a duty that must be met. Acceptance is just a state of being. Acceptance will come when you are ready to trust yourself enough to align with your soul’s intention. The world will always bring something to alter your expression but your soul’s intention will forever remain pure within in the core of your being.

You don’t have to do anything because your soul’s intention is always doing something.