let's heal from the biggest mindfuck in our society


"Divide and conquer" is the biggest mindfuck in our society. We judge each other over the silliest of things typically based on someone else's idea of what is right, what is normal, what is true but if you really think about it, life is whatever the hell you want it to be. It is all a matter of perspective and perception. Therefore, live your life the way YOU want to live it. As long as you are not intentionally hurting anyone else and you are living your life to express your best self, it's all good. We need unconditional love in our world so instead of judging, let's try our hand at loving more. If we make love our daily mission, we can make a lot of change in our personal universe and the world as a whole. The process of change is never easy for we are all works in progress but the effort will definitely be worth it in the end! So let's get rid of this mindfuck and allow "unite and love" to be our new mantra.

What are some ways we can begin changing "divide and conquer" to "unite and love"? Let's talk about it!