can people on social media have an opinion anymore?


Is it possible for people to share their opinion anymore? If you ask me, the answer would be hell no. According to social media nowadays, one shouldn't have an opinion unless it fits into the general populace's viewpoint. At least that seems to be the underlying consensus whenever anyone, especially a celebrity, voices his or her opinion that is outside the norm, even if the opinion is rooted in facts, offers a refreshing perspective or is simply a personal preference. This type of mob mentality has surfaced plenty of times on social networks, especially Twitter - the epitome of Groupthink.

Most recently, this phenomenon was on full display when NBA star, Stephen Curry's wife, Ayesha shared her personal fashion preference which caused a huge uproar on Twitter. Why was this such a major deal? Hell if I know but apparently, sharing your style choices is a possible means to receive a full critique. My reaction is "Really Twitter? We're going H.A.M. over a woman choosing to put clothes on? Even if you believe that classiness is defined by what's on the inside, not the out, was this really a fight worth fighting? And doesn't Ms. Curry have the right to her opinion?"

This extreme need to be politically correct at all times, even with topics as simple as fashion choices, promotes unnecessary overreactions and stifles real dialogue that could bring enlightenment. Also, this type of thinking engages in diversionary tactics creating the classic "divide and conquer" narrative and promotes conformity instead of unity. Furthermore, unity does not mean everyone falls into the same ideology; unity means accepting, embracing and learning from others' viewpoints, thoughts, beliefs and cultures so healthy conversations with varied opinions would actually be deemed useful for us as a community.

So social media, can we please stop ganging up on folks that think differently than us? If it is not rooted in total ignorance, then what's the fuss? And even if it is filled with total ignorance, do you think ganging up on that person will actually help change that person's opinion? If anything, it will only make that person keep their thoughts to themselves which can be more detrimental than helpful.

What do you make of this Groupthink phenomenon that is happening all over social media? Let's talk about it.