keep life light


we pack experiences and impressions

overload on bags of memories

we try to drag them along in moments

overload on bags of miseries

we forget to unpack when new times come

we try to bring up old news that is buried

digging sometimes for hours just to find

the feeling of the now that aligns

to make a case or make a plea or make a repeat of past

because we keep carrying old luggage hoping to make it last

however, wheels are falling off and the straps are breaking

perhaps now is the time to start thinking

drop the bags and leave them where they are

and walk easier throughout our journey near and far

step with a brand new stride

creating new rules to pack light

when things get too heavy,

begin to clean out all the stuff

that does not fit in our space now

so we can keep life light

one moment at a time

Written April 2014