no one has your life. no one ever will.


We oftentimes forget our magnificence because there are so many forces bombarding us with one ugly message - we are not enough. We are not pretty enough. We are not smart enough. We are not happy enough. We are not successful enough. We are not rich enough. And the list goes on and on and on in one endless loop if we decide to play that tape in our heads.

However, guess what?

We can change the tape.

We can play the one that says we are enough. We are the only ones expressing life in one specific way. No one else can claim our experiences. No one else can walk on the exact same path as us. Our uniqueness makes us enough because our unique qualities contrast and connect us.

We are enough. We always have been enough. Please remember that no one has your life and no one ever will and that alone, makes you truly special in this world.