the bull swanky must stop! 7 things that need to end in 2015

The dog is over it and so am I.

The dog is over it and so am I.

Every single year, there is some level of, as singer Leela James would put it, bull swanky in mainstream culture. Some years, the bull swanky is on 100 and other years, the bull swanky is at a cool 50. This year, it has been on 100+. The epic high level of BS is due to all of the crazy events that have happened this year. Unfortunately, violence, crime, injustice, ignorance, bigotry and negativity always rear their ugly heads every year and I could point out those events in this post. However, I want to keep it simple and light for our energy's sake and highlight 7 funny topics that are still in the bull swanky category. (Don't worry, I am going to dive super deep in some of those other areas in future posts for the new year.)  I'm not really expecting any of these topics to truly end on such short notice but a girl can dream right? Here are the 7 things that need to end in 2015:

1. Remakes & Biopics & Slave Movies: Is it just me or is there an onslaught of remakes and biopics lately especially movies with us Black folks in it? It's like we can't have an original thought, story, plot or something. Now I'm hearing that there is going to be a remake to Roots. Why!? *takes a deep breath* Woosah... All I'm saying is there are enough slave movies. There are tons of them. How about a movie on Ancient Egypt or Harlem Renaissance or hell, just a random day where two Black people fall in love without all the dramatics and ratchetness? Yes, I am looking at you Tyler Perry.

2. Random memes with random celebrities attached to them: There seems to be this phenomenon where random pictures of celebrities are posted with extremely random quotes that really has no value and is not even a direct quote from the celebrity. I always see it on my Facebook timeline and I'm like "Why is this photo of T.I. attached to this random statement 'My lady is my first priority?' It's like okay, good for you; did you want a cookie for that?"

3. Celebrities spamming us with random damn blogs: I don't know when this new side hustle happened but it seems like overnight all these celebrities had blogs, some with their names attached to them and some without. Either way, as a blogger, it's a little annoying to see a gazillion likes for a two-sentence post that was from another article on another website. Maybe I'm hating a bit but really? This is the future for blogs? (Okay I am hating a bit but can you blame me?) I mean, unless it's my blog they are attaching to their sites, I want that shit to end on Facebook. I'm talking to you Chrisette Michele!

4. Trap Music: Need I say more? The whole genre needs to die a quick and silent death.

5. Social Media Activism: I've been guilty of it in the past so I'm going to put myself right in the mix. We all need to stop acting like we are Black Panthers behind computer screens and start really helping each other out in our community. It's okay to show solidarity to the cause with a tweet, an Instagram post or a Facebook message but there is so much more that has to be done in order to truly change what's going on and I don't mean just a protest. I'll write more about that later. Stay tuned.

6. Hotline Bling Parodies:'s old now so any more jokes about it is just corny.

7. Black Twitter: Is there a Mexican twitter? Or an Asian twitter? Or a Native American Twitter? Or an Bajan Twitter? Maybe I'm missing something but I'm just wondering why can't Twitter just be Twitter? Why is it when we post our thoughts on something it becomes a color thing? Just a thought. Maybe I'm trippin'.

So I know you have some additions so what are some things you wish would end this year? Let's talk about it!