3 tips to having a happy hangover day i mean... happy new year's day


So today is January 1st which means it is a brand new year. If you're reading this, then congratulations! You have made it through another year and another night of ridiculous amount of drinking. If you are the rare breed that do not partake on New Year's Eve, then kudos to you and I hope you have a bright and sunny day! However, this post is dedicated to my fellow drinkers. 21 and older only. :) Hangover Day, as I like to call New Year's Day, can be a very happy one once you finally get over the headache, the queasiness, the exhaustion and the dehydration so I'd like to share what has worked for me over my 10 years experience of drinking. (Am I really aging myself? Yup I am.)

Before I share my personal tips on getting over a hangover, I want to state that I am not a doctor or any type of medical professional so please do not take my word as gospel. I am only sharing what has worked for me and many others so please proceed with caution. Okay so with that out of the way, here are my 3 tips of getting over a New Year's Eve hangover so that your new year's day can be a happy one.

1. Sleep for as long as you need. Don't make the mistake I made last year and schedule your bus travel early in the afternoon after partying all night long. I ended up walking around like a zombie and barely ate my meal because I was that hungover and exhausted. Sleep is your friend so become best buds with it on this day!

2. Eat a hearty meal. For some reason, the best thing for me after a long night of partying is greasy breakfast food - pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, french toast, butter, syrup, lard a.k.a. a heart attack in a meal. I am not sure if that is the best thing to eat after a hangover (probably not) but it does wonders for me and it gives me an excuse to eat a huge breakfast/brunch.

3. Drink lots of water. Whenever you drink large quantities of alcohol, it is best to hydrate your body throughout the night with water but if you forgot to do that then you can start to drink water, tons of it, right when you wake up. I usually like to drink water as I'm eating my meal and then continue to drink glass after glass of water afterwards, depending if my stomach feels queasy upon waking up. You can also do what some of my friends suggested and continue to drink and keep the buzz going but I wouldn't recommend that.

What are some of your hangover cures? Let's help each other out in our drunken New Year's stupor!