sweet synchronicity


Have you ever experienced a moment when you notice the synchronicity of the Universe? I've had plenty of those moments, and this week was just another time where a message aligned perfectly for me. On Monday, I told my friend that I was going to take action on a personal project one day at a time, to keep me from being overwhelmed. (I'll fill you in on the project later.) Meanwhile, for the past four days, I was eagerly awaiting the new energy forecast by Lee Harris, a gifted intuitive, channeler, author, and teacher who shares energy forecasts every month on his YouTube channel, LeeHarrisEnergy. The forecasts offer a practical perspective on the current energy and suggestions on how to navigate the frequencies in our daily lives. The day after I texted my friend that message on the project, he released his energy forecast for January and let's just say that it truly resonated with me.

Towards the beginning, he says,

"These are overwhelming times. So finding simple, achievable ways of stepping out of overwhelm are going to be very important. For example, some of you (particularly in the spirit of new year's resolutions) may have this idea that you need to do something big, like sign up for a six-month coaching course, throwing $8,000 down on it, or whatever it is you need to do that is dramatic and strong. Just check that in yourself, because for a few of you that might be true, but for most of you that will be you trying to extend too far into something that isn't that achievable --- partly as a reaction to this chaos energy.

The truth is that the best way to deal with chaos energy is to keep it small, keep it simple … one step, one day, at a time. "

Do you see the alignment? It's all about keeping it simple, taking small actions, day by day to produce lasting change that will benefit us as we navigate through all the chaos of life. I sensed this intuitively and was brought the same message from another source. Cool right? Whenever this happens, I just think it's the Universe's way of sending a message from God and the angels. That's how I like to look at it at least.

You can watch the full forecast and who knows? You may have a very similar experience as me. If so, please let me know in the comments below!