confession: i am in love with justin bieber's new album


I'm sure you read the title and thought, "Wow, she is so brave to admit something so difficult." I will say that it was not easy to come to terms with this and to share this bit of news with the world in such a public format but I felt like it can help others who have been secretly listening and loving Justin Bieber's new album, Purpose so that they can come out of the closet and express their true love for this catchy ass pop record. I mean Justin really showed and proved on his latest, making me totally forget about all of his blunders, hiccups, mistakes and asshole moments because at the end of the day, the music is the most important thing and everything else is just life being life. We've all had our issues growing up; the only difference is his problems are blasted on the media but we shouldn't judge, we should all just let that go and jam to What Do You Mean?. Wow, am I defending Justin too? What has this album done to me? Le sigh... Anyway, I highly recommend Purpose for any pop lovers out there. If you wish to listen before purchasing, you can listen on Spotify HERE or if you want to preview bits and pieces, I will share my top 5 favorite songs from the album below with links for you to listen. You can thank me later.

Justin Bieber, Purpose, Album Cover

Justin Bieber, Purpose, Album Cover

1. Company | LISTEN

2. No Sense (feat. Travis Scott) | LISTEN

3. The Feeling | LISTEN

4. Love Yourself | LISTEN

5. We Are (feat. Nas) | LISTEN

Whew. I feel like such a burden has been lifted and I can now freely love this album. Thank you for being a part of this healing process.

P.S. On some real shit, I've loved quite a few songs in Justin Bieber's catalog but this is the first full album I've enjoyed 100%. Okay, there, the full truth is out there.

Hope you guys enjoy the album as much as me! Ha!

To preview and purchase this album, go here: Purpose (Deluxe) - Justin Bieber