wow! my first poem ever written is 15 years old!


Back in the day, I had a blue notebook. I wrote my very first poem in that book. May 10, 2000, is the exact date. The title is Something I Just Wrote. It's not that good of a poem at all and obviously, I wasn't that inventive with the title but it makes me laugh to read it now and it is very special to me so I thought why not share it on this Freestyle Friday? So I hope you enjoy the words of my 15-year-old self.

something I just wrote

I'm trying to find a creative way

to write down these important words to you

It's hard to think of a beautiful, different song

Thoughts are running through my mind but they all sound the same

The songs that I wrote before are pretty lame

The love I don't have yet I want to say

Show it to all my friends like a display

But I can't play while playing a song

A song with lyrics that comes from the heart

Lyrics that are good from the start

Words that explain the word love

From what I know, it's as nice as looking at a dove

Even though you aren't in my life I'm going to write and recite

This poem is to you

Replacing every you with your name

It's going to be special if I have this book

I'll show it to you so you can take a good look

Of my feelings I had about love back then

Laughing about it now and again

Oh how I want that now I want you now

but unfortunately, you are not around

To actually be found but when I do

I'll make sure the love is true

So I won't have a broken heart

and have tears falling from my face

with anger, sadness and confusion

to feel like you were an illusion

Being with you will be nice and feel all so right

I will love you forever

As long as we are together

Do you still have one of your first creative writings? If so, please feel free to share it! I'd love to read it!