don't have to be booed up to spread love during this valentine's season


Valentine's season is upon us which means love is thick in the air with cheesy heart-shaped boxes and classic red roses. In this hazy red fog, love naturally becomes the hot topic of conversation whether one is single or taken or chilling or lusting. However, love is never confined to just the romantics. Love is all encompassing from family to friend to mate so remember, you do not have to be "booed" up to spread love during this time! You can be so single and so in love with life! There are so many ways you can spread the love. Let me count some of the ways:

  1. You can be fully present in a joyous moment. It can be as simple as you sipping your tea in the morning to as extravagant as enjoying the views of the Grand Canyon. Being mindful and appreciative of the moment is a wonderful way to spread love to the Universe and to align yourself with the Source.

  2. You can purchase yourself a gift for Valentine's Day. Who says you can't have a box of chocolates and flowers unless it comes from someone else? If you want to get your cliché on, then buy all of that and then some for yourself! Fellas, if you are not big on chocolates and/or flowers but love the latest video games on XBox and Playstation, then treat yourself! There is nothing wrong with having a little fun and giving yourself a little love.

  3. You can perform one random act of kindness. One of the sweetest feelings in the world is when you do an act of kindness to an absolute stranger. There is no better feeling than making someone else's day! By creating such a lovely experience, love comes back to you in full so it's a win/win for everyone!

If you need some musical inspiration to spread love, I got THE PERFECT SONG for you! It's titled Spread Love. Ha!

Spread Love

by Take 6

Take 6

So come on folks! Let's spread some love this month and every month afterward! We can gather some great ideas right here! How are you going to spread more love this month? Sharing is caring. :) Let's talk about it!