the potential reason why men and women have a hard time understanding each other


Do you ever wonder why there is such a general disconnection between men and women in intimate relationships? You know, when men say they cannot understand women and vice versa? Like so many other issues, it could stem from childhood.

In Western society, there seems to be an underlying message that men are supposed to be our saviors. This ideology starts when the prince comes to save the princess in all those fairy-tale movies. Unfortunately, little girls are taught this idea at an extremely early age and grow up to become women with unrealistic expectations. On the flip side, little boys are taught to hold in their feelings because "boys don't cry." This ideology starts when a parent tells their male child to stop crying and "be a man" and they grow up to become emotionally unavailable. This dichotomy of "knight in shining armor" syndrome and "man up" disease makes relationships extremely hard and unhealthy because they contradict one another and are both ignoring the true gray nature of being a human in this black and white society we live in. In order for us to break this, we, men and women, first, have to recognize the program that was placed in our minds at an early age and work through unraveling the false messaging in hopes to seek a better way of communication and love with one another so that we can see each other as complicated, complex human beings instead of false representations of what the ideal man and woman is in our subconscious minds.

I am super curious what ways you guys think we can break the cycle so that relationships are more natural for all parties. Let's talk about it!