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Black lives matter. If you live in America, you have probably heard the last statement a lot in the past year or so. Due to all the horrible stories of police brutality in the US, there has been a growing movement dedicated to reinforcing that Black lives truly matter in this divided country through a number of different demonstrations, marches, and protests. It is a beautiful thing to see my community come together to fight the injustices in grand ways. However, I do believe that there is not enough emphasis being placed on proactive ways we can all support and uplift one another as a community. There always seems to be this unnerving need to be validated by a power structure that was never honestly constructed for us. Generally speaking, we tend to be more reactive than proactive which is not helpful for our balance and overall goals.

Therefore, this post is my small attempt to push forward the proactive movement by sharing a wonderful video by the good people at Black & Sexy TV, a Black-owned web channel that I've featured before on this site. In the video, the creators of Black & Sexy TV, Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier, shared week one of their Buy Black for 30 challenge where they buy from only Black-owned businesses for 30 days. Now, of course, not everyone will be able to do this challenge for a number of reasons but if we all chipped in to support one Black-owned business once a week or even once a month, the Black community's economic power would skyrocket compared to where we stand right now, making this small action an easy and impactful way we can all be more proactive in showing that Black lives do matter through our money and support. As the saying goes, money talks, especially in this system so if we, collectively, empowered ourselves by supporting Black-owned businesses and reinforcing entrepreneurship within the community, we would be much stronger and not even feel the need to be validated by any other force because we would have the resources to build, unite and grow from within. Moreover, it doesn't mean only Black people should support Black-owned businesses. It'd be great if we all began to support more local, small and culturally-diverse businesses to build more economic power to the "everyday" man and woman versus the big conglomerate companies that really do not give a damn about us or our well being so this action of buying Black can benefit us all. Therefore, I highly recommend everyone to watch the video below and be inspired to buy Black, buy local and buy small so that we can have a bigger voice, a more confident stance and a powerful foundation to change the way the system works for us, with us and through us. I really believe that we, the people, truly have the power to change the world and this is just one of many positive ways we can do just that.

To learn more about the power and impact of Black businesses, click HERE and read the description to click on the featured links to numerous articles. Also, Google is your friend when it comes to researching about Black businesses and ways you can support Black businesses, here is one search that you can peruse when you're free HERE. Lastly, you can start supporting a Black business right now by subscribing to Black & Sexy TV! If you wish to preview their incredible work, please feel free to check out a hilarious episode of The Couple that I featured on my site HERE.