dedicated to my ladies


Women. Ain't we something? We give birth to creation, not simply by our womb but by our thinking. We exist beyond the confines of asses, breasts and thighs. We are divinity defined in the ethos beyond time. Unique in our attitude and strong in our sway, we exude grace effortlessly, every single day. Whether covered from head to toe in a hijab or completely naked in front of everyone, we are the spiritual expression of femininity. Second to no one, Supreme Being is our nickname. Naturally, we hold our crowns proudly, even when they are cracked just a bit. Y'all betta recognize our true nature before nature stands still in her name.

I can go on and on but I'll stop and let other brilliant artists share their words of love, inspiration, empowerment for us, ladies. Listen below!

"This place wouldn't be the same without you. You could say it would be a little worse." - HONNE

Woman by HONNE

"It matters not that you don't look like everyone else. All that matters is that you love and take pride in yourself. There's only one you with one mind and one heart. It's not hard to see that you are living art." -T Nicole

BeautiFlawed by T Nicole BeautiFlawed EP

"If I was born a girl, I would be just like you babe. You never cared about makeup. You know you're beautiful like that." - Mar

Ode To Her by Mar Form EP

"You'd put her down. You liked her hopeless, to walk around feeling unnoticed. You should've crowned cause she's a goddess. You never got this." - BANKS

Goddess by BANKS

"You did what you want to me. I gave all that I can be but still you took more from me, hid all the facts from me. I saw it was blasphemy. I knew there was more to me. Reclaim my royalty. It's a return of a queen." - Dawn Richard

Return of A Queen by Dawn Richard GoldenHeart

"Deep inside her aura lie the makings of the sun. Can't you see my dear? Life has just begun. When the left upholds the right and time becomes undone, just remember dear, it's the womb where we're all from." - Solo Woods

Powers by Solo Woods

"I just landed in another atmosphere. I'm just floating in a stain steel sphere. I bet you have questions, like where did I come from. I know, I come from that planet that hit Tiamat years ago." - Willow Smith


Female Energy (Freestyle) by Willow Smith