blond, bold and beautiful


This past Saturday night, I was doing what most people do whether they are out with friends or by themselves at home - I was mindlessly scrolling through different social media outlets. (Sign of the times I'm sure) While going through my Twitter timeline, I noticed one tweet from another artist I love, Maxwell which simply stated, "FRANK OCEAN!!!!!." I quickly realized that the elusive and unpredictable artist released a brand new album, Blond. The day before, I discovered his other project, a visual album titled Endless, which I enjoyed immensely.  So as a huge fan of his previous offerings, I immediately went straight to iTunes and downloaded the entire album. I then proceeded to lay down in my bed, get into a fetal position, put my good earphones on and listen to the whole album with no distractions. Since then, you can say that I've had plenty of random feels and thoughts. Let's list them, shall we?

  1. When I heard Endless, I had about 15 song ideas in my head. Unfortunately, I lost them all. I'm hoping Blond will make up for that. *crosses fingers*

    1. Pink + White makes me want to go on a dreamy vacation where all the colors are super vivid and all the people are super sexy. Is it just me?

    2. While listening to the interlude, Be Yourself, I was in total agreement with his mother when she was preaching about the importance of staying true to who you are but then, she threw me off with the anti-alcohol and marijuana speech. Funny enough, I actually felt like it was my mom telling me this speech and I found myself subtly nodding my head out of respect, although, deep down, I'm thinking "Damn mama, can I live!?"

    3. Blond didn't really match my expectations but then again, I didn't really know what to expect. Does that make sense? Probably not.

    4. When I was midway through my first listen, I wasn't sure if this was as good as Channel ORANGE but when I finished the whole album, I realized it's just as amazing. Dare I say it may even exceed his previous albums? Too early? Fair enough.

    5. Between his sick verse on Solo (Reprise) and his recent duet with Erykah Badu, I just have one question, "Can Andre 3000 released one full album PUHLEASE?" I'm begging and pleading. Shit, I'll even take a 3-song EP at this point. I don't think I'm asking for much.

    6. For some reason, I absolutely love the intro to "Self-Control." So trill. And I don't usually say trill but that word is perfect for that intro. At least, I think it is. I am not quite sure of the definition but the sound of the word really goes with the sound of the intro. Wow, I'm getting older. I don't know what all the hip words mean anymore. The fact that I'm saying "hip words" is quite evident of that. I digress. Oh and those harmonies at the end though... pure eargasm.

    7. "Been living in an idea/an idea from another man's mind" hit me to the core. Seigfried is everything!

    8. Wait... Did you hear what I heard on that last track? Let me find out my theory about Tupac is true and he's really living in Cuba, sipping on margaritas and puffing on cigars with a bunch of beautiful women on a secluded beach. My mind will be absolutely blown. Talk about epic.

    9. Is there going to be a second version of this album? If so, I will probably buy that instantly. A musical high can do that to you.

    10. You know, people say Drake gets them in their feels. For me, it's Frank. All Frank. He'll just have me writing introspective shit about a toothbrush for no reason. In fact, while listening to this album for the third time, I wrote an entire poetry ebook for the Narcissism & Notes series. That's how much Frank gets me in my writing feels. You can read Narcissism, Notes & Nothing HERE. Oh and unfortunately, there are no poems about toothbrushes. Sorry.

As you can see, I enjoyed every moment of this listening experience, even the moments when I initially knew a song would have to grow on me or when I was tempted to find the lyrics to read along or when I had to wiggle my feet in place of actual dancing or when I listened repeatedly for hours nonstop and was in my feels and thoughts heavy. A moment like this is pure heaven for a music lover. If you haven't already, I highly recommend everyone to check out Frank's album!

To preview and purchase, go here: Blonde - Frank Ocean and keep up with Frank on his Tumblr at