let's talk about the difference between right and light


It's been a minute since we talked and God knows there's a lot we can talk about right now. However, this Tuesday, I wish to chat about the difference between right and light.

A little over a month ago, I got into a debate with a friend of mines over which solutions would be best to end police brutality in America. Of course, it happened at the center of all debates - Facebook. After a bit of back and forth dialogue, I prematurely ended it due to mere exhaustion of the entire day - it was the day after the cases of Alston Sterling and Philando Castile. Naturally, she understood. However, that debate was still on my mind. After mentioning the conversation to my brother, he explained the other side in a way that made me understood her position more, even if I still didn't agree with her 100%.

Then, I had to check myself and ask "Why was that debate on my mind so much?" I quickly realized it was my ego feeling like she had the upper hand and I wanted to prove to her that I was actually the one right in our debate. Yes, that statement is a bit cringeworthy but if you think about it, a lot of us have the same thoughts when we get into debates, even with our friends and family.

Shortly after my mini ah-ha moment, I received one piece of wisdom from Spirit during a meditation - "To be right in a debate is different from being light in a conversation." When that beautiful message came to me, I immediately felt a subtle hint that I should choose wisely in every interaction I have with others, especially in times of disagreement. We can change our intention from having to be right (ego) to simply being light (love).

When I was mulling over our debate initially, the focus wasn't on actually bettering the injustices in our society. My focus was on me wanting to showcase my intellectual prowess by being right in front of others. The ego has a funny way of making everything about self even when we think we are doing the complete opposite. However, if I shift gears and focus on what really matters - being light as much as possible, especially during difficult times - then I could change the dialogue by discussing ways we, collectively and individually, can love and empower each other so that we can become a more unifying community that stands up as a unit against injustices because, at the end of day, we both want the same results - a fair and equal justice system and a society that won't tolerate racism, prejudice, hate, and ignorance.

You notice how the 'me' turns into a 'we'? That, my friend, is the true difference between being right versus being light.

Now, I want to hear from you! What are some ways that we can have a healthy dialogue about social issues that create more light in the world? I am very interested to find out what you guys think. Let's talk about it!