5 unique ways to take care of yourself


Unless you are secretly an alien from another planet, you are going to get sick. The extremity of illness can vary but the underlying causes are typically linked to how we treat our minds, our emotions and our bodies. Fortunately, we don't have to land in the hospital to heal ourselves. Most of us are fully aware of the four common ways we can be proactive with our health: drink water, rest, exercise and balance our diet. However, there are even more ways we can be preventive with our care. Here are five unique ways we can take better care of ourselves:

  1. Pay attention to our mental health: Believe it or not, our minds can really affect how our bodies function. What we think has a tremendous impact on what we do. A great example of this is stress. According to Web MD, stress can cause emotional issues like "becoming easily agitated, frustrated, and moody, feeling overwhelmed, like you are losing control or need to take control," physical side effects like "low energy, headaches, upset stomach, aches, pains and tense muscles," cognitive symptoms like "constant worrying, forgetfulness and disorganization, inability to focus and poor judgment," and behavioral symptoms like "changes in appetite, procrastinating and avoiding responsibilities, and increased use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes." (Source) And that's just the half of it! If we begin to take mental check ups often within ourselves and even with a therapist or a psychologist at times, we can discover potential chemical imbalances, reduce the level of mental stress and other issues and be able to learn how to deal with our issues healthfully so that we will be able to take care ourselves entirely - mind, body and spirit.

  2. Surround yourself with positive energy: Although, we may not have full control over our current surroundings, we always have a choice of how we interpret them. We also have a choice of what media we wish to consume, what music we wish to listen to, what friends we want around us and what messages we accept as true and which we don't. The power of choice is the beauty of free will. Taking our time to view, with our two eyes, what is in front of us, around us and through us, and discovering ways to alter the negative aspects into positive energy can really help us connect with our third eye and lessen the chances of our bodies being ill. In fact, just thinking more positively can build "greater resistance to the common cold" and "reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease." (Source)

  3. Spend time with nature: Get in touch with Mother Gaia and go to a local park. The mental benefits are astounding and scientifically proven! According to Business Insider, "a study in Proceedings of Natural Academy of Sciences found that a small group of subjects who strolled through nature for just an hour and a half reported a reduction in negative thoughts." (Source) This finding is an awesome confirmation that nature can truly bring a sense of grounding and calm to people who are constantly on the go or living in a big city.

  4. Lighten our food load in the nighttime: Usually when you think of dinner, you think of your last meal being the largest one of the day. However, it is better to actually make dinner lighter than your lunch. This seemingly small change in your diet can help keep your blood sugar stay leveled, regulate your sleeping pattern and help you lose weight too! If you don't believe me, then read this!

  5. Remember the bigger picture: Everyone gets stressed out at times and most worry on occasion. One way to reduce this is by remembering the bigger picture - view yourself as a small speck in the vastness of the Universe. It makes the trivial day to day drama appear minuscule and insignificant, which helps lessen anxiety, frustration and anger on a daily basis. If you want a further explanation of this point, please feel free to check out my post about life being simply a series of experiences HERE.

What are some other unique ways we can take care of ourselves? Let's talk about it!