5 songs that will guarantee a happy monday


There is nothing like a Monday morning. You hear the alarm ring and you snooze and snooze and snooze until you can't snooze anymore, wishing you could just have one more day to your weekend. However, the job beckons you so you get out of your bed and go through the normal routine of getting ready for work. However, it doesn't mean that your normal routine has to be a bleak one. In fact, you can easily use the power of music to shift your energy from bleh to lit! Okay maybe not lit but these songs could boost your frequency to a happy space! How's that? I think that's doable. So without further adieu, here are five songs that you can listen to this Monday morning that will have smiling on your way to work.

1) In Your Light by Gotye | Making Mirrors | LYRICS 

2) Dirt by Mary Mary | The Sound | LYRICS

3) Happy by Pharrell | GIRL | LYRICS 

4) Just Do You by India Arie | SongVersation | LYRICS 

5) Still by Gretchen Parlato | The Lost and Found | LYRICS 

Are you feeling happier now? I hope so! If you have a feel-good song that motivates you, please let everyone know in the comments! We would love to add your song to this happy collection for our Monday mornings!