bring that old thing back


Remember back in the day when R&B singers talked about love? Remember how they would talk about how much they adore their woman? They would sing about the initial attraction, the courting, the friendship, the dating, the LOVE in all of its messy layers. And sure, there were plenty of songs about sex then too but they were more hidden so much so that I thought SWV was talking about going downtown and enjoying their time in the city with their boo. Hey, I was like 7 then so don't silently judge me! Anyway, 90's R&B had real emotions that tug on your cheesy romantic heartstrings. There were also the corny dance steps and the endless ad-libs that could go on forever and most of the time, you wouldn't mind, especially if it was Wanya from Boyz II Men. One great example of a classic 90's R&B ad-lib that I truly cherish is the "nayhoo" and I am so happy that Kevin A. Fredericks a.k.a. KevOnStage pointed out the epicness of this particular vocal inflection in his recent hilarious video and yes, I just made up a word because that is how awesome it is! Watch and feel the nostalgia with me.

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