don't let the media kill your positive vibe


Media operates on fear.

Not us.

Media breaks people apart.

Not us.

Media tries to stop folks from elevating.

Not us.

Look around you, my friend. That's real life.

The screens may fool you.

Don't let the mess consume you.

Don't allow the programs to control your mind.

Let it motivate you to become greater than ever before.

Let it move you towards love even more.

Let it inspire you to create something magical.

Let it push you into empowerment.

Let it guide you towards solutions.

Let it energize you towards education.

Let it center you in mindfulness.

Let it bring you to stillness.

Let it encourage you to be in community.

You want to stop the fear right?

You want to win the spiritual warfare right?

Then get inside your Universe and align your own stars.

Be the light at the end of our dark tunnel.

Be the love in the middle of brokenness.

Love is the silent revolution we've been waiting for.

Be one of the soldiers of love.

And just love.