the revolution is being televised right now, are you watching? (part 2)


In March, I posted a list of 10 recent moments when Blackness, Black Pride and Black Struggle were placed at the forefront of mainstream America. A fellow blogger, Josie of Mind Jo Business, commented that she would love for me to continue the list. I thought about it but never really put that much energy into the idea because I was thinking of other ideas for the site. However, recently, I've noticed that this trend has not slowed down at all so Josie's great idea came to the surface again and I thought, why not continue the list with 10 more moments!? It's only fair to share as many moments as possible of this wonderful revolution. These stories can give us all inspiration and hope towards empowering ourselves individually and culturally. The energy is shifting greatly and seems to be growing rapidly.

So with all that said, below is a list of 10 more current events that happened in the media since March that boldly sends the message of Black pride, Black solidarity, Black protest, and Black harmony.

  1. When Colin Kaepernick was not about that National Anthem life.

  2. When Black artists made bold statements at award shows: Big KRIT gave a heart-stirring performance against police brutality, TI pushed the movement at the BET Hip Hop Awards, Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar demanded freedom and actor, Jesse Williams gave a passionate and powerful speech at the BET Awards.

  3. When Killer Mike influenced a major growth in black-owned banks.

  4. When Solange brilliantly expressed what it's like to be in predominately white spaces and told us all to have a million seats at the table and we didn't mind at all.

  5. When Marvel delivered a superhero that is an invincible Black man named Luke Cage.

  6. When Donald Glover and Issa Rae gave us layers of the Black experience in two hilarious television shows, Atlanta and Insecure.

  7. When two major corporations, AT&T and Ben & Jerry's stood up for Black Lives Matter.

  8. When New York Times published the full poem, I, Too, America by Langston Hughes.

  9. When director extraordinaire Ava Duvernay exposed the hidden agenda behind the mass incarceration system in the Netflix documentary, 13th.

  10. When Smithsonian opened the first ever national museum focused on African-American history and culture.

So what do you think about the continuing strides towards revolution? What further steps do you think we can take collectively and individually towards equality and empowerment? 

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