that moment when your cousin spills the truth about the US presidential election though


Facebook is one of the best places to find some hidden gems in the cut. Once you get through the slew of cute puppy videos, drool-all-over-your-shirt cooking videos and the memes that make no sense at all, you can find some great conversation pieces. Recently, I found one from my cousin, Carmen. Of course, the fam would hold it down though so this is no surprise but I was so happy when I read it because I felt like someone finally expressed exactly how I feel about the US Presidential Election with an eloquence that I couldn't quite grasp when I tried to explain my view. I usually would just say the whole election feels like a joke. Wag The Dog comes to mind probably due to the utter ridiculousness of it all.  If you wish to read a much better explanation, I highly suggest you read her words below and let me know what you think. I'm sure this is going to spark some talk on this Tuesday. Haha!

Re: This Election

The President of the United States is nothing more, nothing less than the CEO of a corporation. This person becomes the FACE of a corporation, meaning they operate according to the decisions of a board (banks, large corporations) and have very little room to go against the grain. They are not FULLY in charge, and must do what it takes to fulfill the job requirements in order to maintain their position. (See: Large scale Black disappointment in Obama's inability to do more for our communities...)

The current individuals running for president have already endured an extensive interview process, and once chosen, they have a job to perform. Like any other hiring process, the runner up still has a chance at being hired in a different position within the company, even though they didn't make it to their goal post (See: Hillary Clinton 2008). Many times, this decision is made before either candidate learns their fate. Once they are informed, it is up to them to play their respective roles until the decision is announced to the public.

Responsibilities in a corporate setting change often, and adaptation, despite your personal feelings, is required. Nothing more, nothing less. The more I let that sink in, the less I'm concerned with the events of November 9th. I've had to balance my ideals and come to terms with the full reality of what I'm seeing/hearing/feeling everyday leading up to the placement of the next CEO of this particular corporation. The term "Corporate America" is a concept deeply rooted...and majorly watered down in the minds of most people.

Everything I went hard on Obama for, everything I ever "expected" from him that led to any form of major or minor disappointment, was based in my convenient forgetfulness of what that position requires within this global system of white supremacy. He did the job he was hired to do. It's kind of a relief to see his African face removed from the representation of this country... Do I expect anything more from him now that he's moving on? Nahhh... Do I expect the next CEO to have more power and abilities than he ever could have? HELL YEAH. Check the record...

The one thing I will say is that my hopeless idealist-self hopes that President Obama will show up and show out once he leaves office but I know that is probably wishful thinking. A girl can dream, right? lol In any event, I am positive that some of you may feel completely different and that's cool. Everyone has the right to their opinion and I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments. As for me, when I read it on my Facebook timeline, I was like...