mistakes are good for you, really they are


We have one odd relationship with mistakes. We are fully aware that we are totally imperfect human beings and yet, we put down ourselves whenever this imperfection rears its beautiful head. Sometimes, we are so harsh with our condemnation to our natural selves that it is no wonder that we are so confused with our greatness and what that truly looks like in our day to day. We contradict our innate truth by trying to keep up with a totally unrealistic idealism that only makes us feel inferior. Why do we do this!? Why!!!? Okay, perhaps, it is society's weird obsession with airbrush snapshots of life. However, it is those messy moments that are truly the most magical and most connecting parts of ourselves. Like R Kelly never said, "I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump ...and lumps."

Shame, embarrassment, regret, pain are just some of the typical emotional responses that follow mistakes. However, what if I told you that there can be a different way to view mistakes that don't involve feelings of failure, disempowerment, and/or negativity? Would you believe me? Maybe not.

However, think about this, my friend, “How do you think you can track growth without mistakes?” It’s virtually impossible to notice your growth as well as any type of change within yourself without mistakes. Mistakes serve a very specific purpose in our human experience – a signpost for change. It is up to you whether you notice the sign and follow the direction it's trying to take you or not. Even if you go a different direction than the sign is guiding you to, that’s okay – you’ll just have a slightly longer journey with more signposts along the way to help you out, which can be one cool adventurous life if you ask me.

So the next time, you get hard on yourself and groan over a mistake you made, please remember that the mistake is a friendly reminder that growth is available at all times and again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little bump and scars. 👀