5 brothas that'll have you rollin'


So last week, I highlighted five funny sistas that will have you in stitches. Of course, I couldn't leave my brothas out of it so this week, I wanted to showcase five black gentlemen that will have you crackin' up again and again. There is nothing like a black man with a healthy sense of humor. It's mighty sexy to me. 😍 Fellas, take note and ladies, simply enjoy these hilarious brothas - Wayne "Kountry Wayne" Colley, KevOnStage, Chilli69Palmer, Klarity and Trey Moe!

That moment when you're trying to get a snack on the sneak tip

Video by Wayne "Kountry Wayne" Colley | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

That moment when a man truly understands one of the main struggles of being a woman

Video by KevOnStage | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

That moment when you wonder how homophobic someone truly is

Video by Chilli69Palmer | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

That moment when professional runners try to outrace Usain Bolt 

Video by Klarity | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTubeThat moment when bae is mad at you because his team is losing 😒

Video by Trey Moe | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube