The Blasphemy and the Blessing of this year's US Election


The Blasphemy

Okay, let's first state the obvious - It was shocking when Donald Trump actually won the election. It's like someone created a plot twist in the biggest reality tv show ever. Hey, maybe that really happened. In any event, this dude actually won whether fairly or not and people are bracing themselves for what life will be like with President Trump. Now, this is when things get a little deeper. So I've noticed a lot of people are genuinely scared shitless about this and if we digest it on a surface level, it makes sense why people feel this way. This is a total shock to the system but is it really a shock to the American system? The Republican Party has always had a subtle separatist tone to their rhetoric. This shit ain't new. Trump just exposed the ugliness of America that was already being more and more brought to light with all these mainstream stories on police brutality. However, all of this wasn't by coincidence. Think about it. Police brutality has been a major issue in the Black and Brown communities way before Sean Bell, Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland, and Eric Garner. Some of us already knew this but all of a sudden, mainstream media decides to care while we have a Black president in office. How convenient. Mind games have been played on us and most of us are always falling for them without realizing we are being played. This storyline has been building up for years and now this election has become the climactic shock that isn't really that shocking once you step back and view it from this perspective. Also from this view, you can realize how this turn of events is actually a pretty sweet opportunity for us to start realizing our fullest potential and power, which leads me to the second part of this breakdown.

The Blessing

As mentioned in the previous point, a lot of people are scared. Well guess what? You are right where they want you to be. Who is 'they'? The ones that really run this country. You know the bankers and em. I could go on about that but I'll just sip my tea and keep talking about the emotional and spiritual aspects of this instead. So the main reason why the "powers that be" focus on these topics and play these mind games is to instill fear. They use fear to divide and conquer. The system maintains its power through the fear of the masses on all sides. They work extremely hard to build fear in so many ways for this very reason. It is to keep the collective energy of the masses low so that "the powers that be" can stay in control mentally, emotionally, physically, and dare I say it? Spiritually. Fear is a low frequency and doesn't align with empowerment, positivity and love but the cool part about all of this terrible shit is that this doesn't have to happen if we simply shift our energy and act accordingly or at the very least, it won't kill our vibe because we would be too busy showing kindness, working on self love, building community, creating a new infrastructure towards a better system that is by us, for us. We can destroy the very foundation that keeps the system alive. Some of my suggestions may sound small compared to the vastness of the problems but these small actions can lead to great change. The classic divide and conquer tactic wouldn't work as well because we would be too strong mentally, emotionally and spiritually to fall for it. If we stay strong as a community, these negative situations would be used for actions, not fearful reactions because 11/9 doesn't have to be a reflection of 9/11 energetically if we choose to follow our own power instead of theirs.