your day is always special, even if it's not following society's traditions


During these final months of the year, there is a societal expectation to be surrounded by family and friends but life is not always like a hallmark card. Sometimes, you are left alone during these months and it can feel even lonelier when you see photo after photo of smiling faces, filled plates and piled up gifts. Sometimes, you realize it is the first holiday season without a certain loved one or friend. Sometimes, you feel ostracized even with a lot of people around you so you don't engage in the usual banter. You stay quiet in the corner. Sometimes, you can't take that day off because the extra money is needed in your household so you sacrifice holidays. If you are not following the American traditions and expectations of November 24th or December 25th, your day can still be special because in essence, it truly is. If you wish to feel what is already true, then make it your intention to make those days extra special for you. Do something you love. Create a work of art. Meditate. Give back to the community. Take yourself out to eat. Netflix and chill by yourself. Read. Laugh a little more than usual. Find someone else who is not following traditions and start new ones. Breathe deeply and say thank you for each breath. Or just cry. Funny enough, embracing your emotions fully can be one of the most beautiful works of art for the Universe to see and most cleansing moments for you in your life. In fact, if we held this intention every day, we may be able to find the magic of most moments without any distraction from yesterdays and tomorrows. So however your 24 hours turn out, I wish you all a very special day - every day.