just a thought on black friday


It's Black Friday - a day when some of us really act like a damn fool for materialism. A day when some of us really marry into capitalism wholeheartedly without realizing who or what we are devoting our lives to. A day when some of us even push, shove, fight and even possibly kill another person for that item that they say is a must-have. A day when after we say "Thanks," we say "Give me more."

Fortunately, we don't have to make Black Friday this way. We could make it a day of defiance, a day of divorce from a system that corrupted our minds into thinking that we are not good enough the way we are, that the only way we can show how much we love our children, our loved ones is by things we can purchase. Now, there is nothing wrong with gifts but when it comes from a sense of obligation instead of a sense of thoughtfulness, then it's an issue.

Perhaps, we need to change a few things. I mean certain people want to push plot twists into the current system so why can't we? Why can't we make Black Friday the Blackest Black Friday ever? Why can't we solely support Black and Brown-owned companies on this day? I mean why not take a stance against police brutality against the Black community and take a solid stance against the recent issues between Native Americans and government with our money? I mean the green papers do talk right?

Why spend our money at all even? We could even do a true blackout that really shows these corporations our collective power. I mean we could speak out against the divide and conquer tactic in many ways by spending collectively within specific businesses or not spending at all. If we must spend money on presents, we could spend money on folks who were forced in and those who were forced out of the "United States" and have no agenda on aligning with this manipulative system. Just a thought...