5 signs you love food a little too much


There are people that love food and then there are people that LUV food to the point when they can't even spell right. The sight, the smell, even just the mention of food makes their whole world stop and they can only focus on that piece of pie, those french fries, that bbq chicken or that cheese plate. It's an attraction that can't be broken because food is so lovely, so kind, so dependable, especially when you have the taste for something and then you are able to appease that craving with pure delight. That's relationship goals for real. Whether you're #teamcarnivore #teamvegetarian or #teamvegan, one thing that can bind all of us is our level of greediness because we are all truly on the next level with our love for food. So if you're scratching your head and wondering whether you're on our level, then I got you!

Here are 5 key signs that you love food a little too much (if there is such a thing):

1. You can binge-watch cooking videos with no problem. Facebook is the devil when it comes to this or perhaps, Facebook is really a sweet angel. It depends on how you view it. Either case, you find yourself clicking on one cooking video that is randomly on your timeline and end up watching a playlist of 55 other recipes. The funny thing is you don't ever cook any of them. You simply are watching marathons of Buzzfeed's Tasty for the pure joy of it. That is some greediness for ya!

2. Your favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I mean the best thing about the holidays is the food... I mean family. 👀  But you know damn well you are more so thinking about that Thanksgiving spread though. It's like you've waited all year for this moment and then thee food gods just open up a plethora of deliciousness! Yeah, you can tell I love that food porn when I start getting Shakespearean about it. Don't judge me.

3. You plan your whole day around food. Every day, your first thoughts are about what you are going to have for breakfast, what you're bringing for lunch and what you'll have for dinner. Oh and let's not forget about the snacks. The rest of life will just have to just work around those golden moments of flavors and fun.

4. You love going out to eat by yourself or with friends. Sometimes, you give no fucks and decide that food is more important than company so you take yourself out to eat because you remember that succulent steak that you couldn't resist so you, the go-getter that you are, will sit at the fanciest restaurant with your best threads for the best date ever - Filet mignon. I mean who needs friends when food is around? Just saying...  And whenever a friend ask you what you want to do, you immediately say "Let's go to that new restaurant. I heard they got some good food there." You really know you got it bad when you are down to go out to eat no matter the time of day because you're game for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dunch and dinner.

5. You have that signature dance move when you are eating something really good. Let me just let Janet take this one for me.

janet, janet jackson eating, love food dance, food, eating, greedy

janet, janet jackson eating, love food dance, food, eating, greedy

Looks familiar? Then you, my fellow greedy friend, may love food a little too much just like me. :)

Now it's your turn, tell me how much do love food? Are you part of the greedy committee? Let's talk about it!