anyone want a reading?


Every now and then, I'll mention to someone, "I do angel card readings." Reactions? Well, they are mixed. Sometimes, I see the automatic excitement in the other's eyes which usually prompts me into asking if he or she wants me to do a reading for him or her. The answer is always "YES!!!" I also notice the Girl what? face and usually, that is followed by an immediate rejection to a personal reading or the whole practice, whether it's based on fear, skepticism, or certain religious beliefs. And finally, I get the confused yet intrigued look which lends itself to a bunch of questions afterward. I don't mind any of the reactions. I usually find the humor in all of them.

I guess for me, it's something that I personally use for spiritual guidance and I love to share with my friends if they are into it but I don't try to force others to believe in it since I understand the other viewpoint. Well, kinda understand it. lol However, I do believe that angel oracle cards are similar to spiritual books, meditations, fasting, etc. It's really just another tool to help connect to divine energy.  Technically, we don't really need any of these earthly things or rituals to be in tune with energy but it's a comforting tangible link between the physical and metaphysical worlds.

If you are interested in getting your toes wet with this or you are all the way into it, I have two channels that I wanted to share with you. They are two of my favorite angel card readers on YouTube - Dena at All Things Spiritual and Michelle at Angel Souls. What I really enjoy about their readings is that they are pretty direct and to the point, even when describing pretty abstract concepts. They don't talk over their audience's head. They are very down to earth and authentic with their intuitive messages.  I usually find something that resonates with me on a week to week basis. Dena and Michelle also have pretty different personalities so you can have fun exploring the variety between the two. Watch below and enjoy!

All Things Spiritual - Romance Angels Oracle Card Reading

Angel Souls - Weekly Reading - December 5, 2016

Now, I am not a professional at all. I am definitely an amateur but if anyone wants a free angel card reading from me, I'd gladly do a short three card spread for the first 5 people who comment and share their favorite blog post from this site on Instagram. Just comment below with your first name, email address and a link to your shared post. Also, please tag me in the Instagram post as well (@tunisiajolyn). It's that simple. If you are one of the lucky winners, then you will receive a reading via email a week after your submission. Please note: You must follow all directions in order to qualify for the reading.

I won't even lie; I am curious how well I'll do with the readings. I've never done a reading for someone that I am not close to before so this should be interesting. lol I am wondering how connected I can be with you guys so this is a fun experiment for me and a free deal for you so win/win. By the way, please view this as entertainment only. Also, I do not do predictions but I may be able to provide some intuitive messages. If you find yourself resonating with anything I write in my reading, then dope! 😊