a poem i wrote about the west side of life


california dreaming

Water seems nice over there

The beach seems cleaner

The sand seems simple

The walks seem longer


Palm trees seem friendlier over there

The leaves seem welcoming

The roots seem fleeting

The climb seems taller


The air seems lighter over there

The winds seem to play

The molecules seem to dance

The energy seems to pulse

To a certain free falling


That continuously go from loud to quiet

in a nanosecond


Dreams seem to wander over there

The people seem famous

Everyone wants attention

Everyone wants love

Like everywhere else except there

The desperation is more honest

Even behind its flaky facades


Yet I dream to go there

Just to go there

Perhaps from way over here I’ll go there

Swim in the waters

Dance on the palms

Sip the breezes

So I can be free falling

Finally Free Falling

Poem featured in Narcissism, Notes & Niceties ebook