I miss Prince


I am not sure how else to say it but I miss Prince. Not sure if any other words are needed. I guess I could say that I wish I appreciated his artistry and his impact more while he was on Earth but I am grateful that his music and his words of wisdom lives on beyond his physical manifestation. Plus, it's nice to think that he is away from this craziness on Earth and alright in purple peace and all that. I just really wish I could've seen him live and I actually planned on finally catching him live with his last tour if he stopped by anywhere near me. Unfortunately, that opportunity never came to passed. However, there is the blessing of taped performances! So this post is dedicated to anyone who is missing someone right now. Let's honor them by celebrating their legacy and lives with a little purple magic! We can all party like it's 1999 with this amazing 1982 concert from the Purple One (that will hopefully stay up on YouTube... *crosses fingers*) and I guess, in a way, I can say that I saw Prince perform live! 😊

To all my Prince lovers out there, what is your favorite song by him and why? To everyone else, how are you honoring your loved one(s) that you miss?