repeat after me, "peace is not weak"


Have you noticed that when shit hits the fan, people usually look at peaceful solutions as weak, soft, ineffective? Let's unpack that, shall we? Now, a part of me understands this point of view if people just say "Let's love one another," and not take any action towards that. Then, those words are empty rhetoric but peace is actually an extremely active word. We have to do so much to reach that space - take inventory of our own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, accept our role in our own pain, hardships and issues, embrace our whole selves - the good, bad and ugly, have so much self-love within that it overflows to others, build a strong community around us in order to foster strong alliances and relationships with one another, serve, uplift and inspire others, trust our fellow man to honor the mission of harmony, love, and peace. Yeah... that's not that weak, now is it?

In order to fight certain battles, we must first know who or what we're battling and secondly, we have to be fully prepared to defend ourselves with a strong suited-armor. Raising one's frequency is not a fairy piece of advice when it comes to true systematic oppression. It is actually one of the best ways to fight the fundamental core of the system's twisted ways. It is easy to get into a physical war but oftentimes soldiers, on both sides, are not armed with the necessary equipment to survive past the scars and the resulting wounds. This is how so many revolutions fall through the cracks. Yes, great changes happened but a lot of fundamental issues are still the same due to this overlooked step. It is essential to get into gear for a spiritual warfare because having inner peace is the greatest defense against chaos.

So who's ready to be strong with peace? Let's talk about it!