so tardy for george michael's party


George Michael,

I really hope you aren't silently judging me for not knowing your awesomeness. As an 80's baby, I should've known better. Of course, I did know your hits. I specifically remember you shaking your butt with those classic blue jeans and super cool leather jacket in the Faith music video. I'm sorry if you cringe to this fact but it's true. That's what I remember. I also remember Freedom! '90 and how much I liked that song but I totally missed the Wham! era. I didn't even exist when you started so part of the blame has to be on my parents, right?


Furthermore, a few years ago, I was in the process of looking into your discography. I had super good intentions, George. I searched your name on Wikipedia and went to your latest album to start my journey down musical memory lane but my attention span stopped me at Patience. How ironic. It had nothing to do with the music. I was actually jamming to it and I had plans on going back to my discovery of your work but then life distracted me. And then you transitioned suddenly and well... you can say that that made me wake up and smell the coffee! Unfortunately, it took such a drastic change in your energy for me to take notice once again to your awesomeness. Yes, the music lover can be tardy to the party too. Fortunately, you blessed us all with your music so I got a chance to finally listen and watch pieces of your Wham! era. Nice hair, man. I also finally got the opportunity to see your growth from young superstar to a full grown musician, fighting hard to control your sound, image, and your business. Much respect to you.

Throughout the years, one thing that was consistent is your lovely voice that flowed through R&B, Soul, Rock and Pop effortlessly. You did a duet with the legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin and held your own. I mean that in and of itself just shows how talented you have to be to do that successfully. With your signature voice, you remade so many classic songs and put your own stamp on them. Like Prince, you will truly be missed and I am sorry it took me this long to discover your dope music. Please forgive me for being so tardy to your party. Oh, and by the way, George, I am doing a huge favor for anyone who is super late like me. I am sharing a playlist I created with your songs that span across your entire career. See?

That has to count for something right?


I hope so, George.