3 ideas I'm willing to try to become a better blogger's blogger


Is it weird that I am a blogger and have the hardest time keeping up with my fellow bloggers? It's not that I am not interested either. I'm very much curious about what my fellow bloggers are writing about on the interwebs but for some reason, I am not good at reading a bunch of bloggers on a consistent basis. I do have my faves that I go back to on a somewhat consistent basis but even with them, they see my participation like once or twice a month. The struggle is real y'all. I see some bloggers who have a huge family, 18 kids, a million friends, 5 side hustles, 3 main jobs, a youtube channel, a daily blog, and a pet chicken and still able to read more blogs than me. I'm like... How sway!?

I got a full time job, this blog, a slight addiction to YouTube and Instagram, a huge love for music and food, and a problem sleeping at a decent hour. That's it and I'm struggling. So this year, I am going to try my hardest to improve on this so I am working on some ideas on how to get better. Let me share them with you and you can tell me what you think.

Idea #1: Figure out a way to turn all blog posts into mini audiobooks. I can listen my way through them. Play a little Stevie Wonder and then a little "5 Fashion Styles That'll Get You A Bae in 5 Minutes."

Idea #2: Ask bloggers to study telepathy so they can send their posts via the mind. That way, I can just know about all the bloggers' content on a pure conscious level. It works for me.

Idea #3: Develop smell-a-blog for all blogs. Some may smell like chocolate, others may smell like buttered popcorn and my ultimate favorites will smell like mama's cooking with a different speciality each week like grits on Monday, mac and cheese on Friday and freshly-baked apple pie on Sunday. I would be on those blogs faithfully like the greedy mofo I am.

So that's just the three main ideas I have for right now. I believe one of them will help me, for sure!

Of course, you may have an even better idea, especially my fellow bloggers who are reading this so can you guys please share your ideas and thoughts with me on how you stay on top with reading all the blogs while living a busy lifestyle? I need help! 😅