be childlike and keep asking questions about everything


Remember when you were a kid and you used to bug the adults around you with a flurry of questions? The questions were usually related to topics you were curious about or situations you did not particularly understand. You would use all the possible questions starting with who, what, when, where, why and how.

Who told us to stop questioning? Who told us what is normal and what is not normal and when someone goes outside of the “norm,” we are supposed to ostracize the person, the place, the thing, the emotion, the ideology for being “different”? Who dictates what is true and what is not true in our personal reality?

What do we believe and what do we say is unbelievable? What text(s) do we base our truths from and who wrote the text(s) to begin with? What situations are coincidental and what situations are planned? What becomes of our changes in our lives and how do we identify them?

When did we decide that everything that is told to us is the truth? When did we give up on thinking for ourselves?

Why did we stop questioning everything as adults? Why do we accept and even expect others to take control of our own rights and freedoms? Why do we limit ourselves? Why do we judge so much? Why do we allow fear into our lives so easily? Why do we have inferior complexities? Why do we forget unconditional love in our day to day? How did we come to know our truth? How did these societal ideologies form themselves? How did we become the people that we are? How do we eat, sleep, think, breathe, talk, touch, love and live?

We should never think we are too wise to learn something. There is always room for knowledge and understanding but first, we have to break free from our stubborn ego and allow ourselves to ask questions.

Here’s one great way to see how questions can lead to deeper wisdom and knowledge: take a major mainstream news story and ask the who, what, when, where, why and how questions, then apply logic to the situation and see if the story truly makes sense as stated. This may have you traveling down a rabbit hole but you never know what you may find while you are in there. I suspect some golden wisdom. So let’s start digging and let’s start asking questions again!