everything is in your favor


Every. Single. Moment.

is truly in your favor.

I know in the moment it can be hard to believe because energy is in a certain motion. You are wondering why do you have to go through x, y, and z. You’re filled with stress and your life feels like an utter complete mess. It shows up in your clothing, in the contents of your home, in the addictions you hold close, in the people that surround you, in the eyes of you.

Just stop and breathe.

Have faith.

Trust and believe that your life is never in vain. You are teaching yourself or someone else a very valuable lesson through your current struggle. Embrace that. Own it. Be empowered by it.

The shortcomings, setbacks, stumbling blocks, mistakes, pitfalls, heartbreaks and everything in between is in your favor because the negatives build the positives.

Never forget the possible positives.