It's possible to balance the old way of life to the new


When the Internet burst onto the scene and made a household name for itself, a lot of people saw its benefits and its weaknesses. However, I don't even think some of those naysayers would've imagined some of the major issues that have arisen since the rise of social media. There has been a feverish addiction to our digital gadgets to the point where more heads are looking down being entertained by our screens than looking up and noticing the immediate beauty that surrounds us and the many possible conversations with each other. We have been consumed with our emails, our notifications, our statuses, our selfies, and everything in between, leaving some skeptics to be totally against the world wide web completely, dismissing it as a super evil invention to split up the community. However, the internet still has its pros and has and can unite humanity in more ways than one. The perfect way this has been accomplished is by balancing the old way of living with the new lifestyle.  For some of you, this may be hard to grasp but let me give you some simple ideas that may tickle your fancy.

1)  You can connect with local folks via email or social media and start a meditation/fellowship group. Want to get to know your community? Then why not start a meetup group that is dedicated specifically to your immediate area? Meetup is a great site that can help you meet total strangers that have similar interests as you, potentially making new friends simply by a click of a button. Cool right? One way I would love to use this nifty website is by starting a meditation group in my local area where we meet, center our chi and fellowship afterward. That sounds pretty dope to me.

2) You can search for fellow book lovers, like our girl Ameriie, online and start a book club that meets via skype once a month. Do you love actually going to the bookstore, sniffing that fresh book smell and physically peeling the pages back? Then, guess what? You don't have to get a kindle but you can still use technology to excitedly discuss your books with fellow book lovers simply through a book club which can be super interactive via skype or if you are a little bit more shy, via message board.

3) You can search for local businesses and see which ones have options to order online and pick up your items personally. There are so many small businesses popping up, try finding some that are local and support! Whether it's an online-based business or not, you can always personally connect with the vendor by sending a thank you email or even visiting the place to have a face-to-face connection with its owners. This way, you get to support local businesses, help the community and meet new awesome people. That's win/win for sure!

Okay so that is just some ideas from me on how we can incorporate that face to face community action with that digital life but I'd love to hear from you. What are some more ideas we can balance these two worlds to have a more engaging, connected world? Let's talk about it!