okay so we protested, now what?


So we all know about that guy who took office in America and we also know about some crazy executive orders he has made as of late. Some of us are resisting by going out into the streets and that's great to see such solidarity around the world and across this nation but of course, we have to think, "Okay we protested, now what?"

I am sure when you read the title, you were expecting a list of tangible ideas on what to do next about the issues in our country and world. Well, I did that. However, I'm starting to realize that there is a pressure and perhaps, a guilt that comes over when reading the 'could've's and 'should've's. The list is still useful though because it gets the wheels spinning but before you read through that list and get yourself caught up in actions based on what's going on externally. Let's try to begin within ourselves and our immediate surroundings.

Change doesn't have to always come in huge actions but our individual day to day actions and emotions can be little ripples that create major waves of lasting change. I've written about this quite a bit but I am not sure if the message has been completely clear. The reason why our day to day, moment by moment interactions connects to the issues of the world is because of energy. There have been tons of mental programming happening in our society since the invention of the television and even more so with the internet and social media. Most of the programming has one goal for anyone susceptible to it - that is to build fear in our minds, bodies, and spirits so that we are more willing to feel powerless and hopeless about our circumstances. Also, it's a classic divisionary tactic that has worked time and time again because we fall for it over and over again.

I could go on and on about this but I think my girl, Michele at Angel Souls, did a fantastic job explaining the importance of this in a concise way so I am going to pass the mic to her so she can further emphasize this point from a spiritual standpoint. Sometimes, the truth comes in unexpected packages and this time, it came from an angel card reader (which is not really surprising to me but to others, it may be). So I suggest clicking play and having an open mind, you may find something that truly resonates with you.

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