5 definite signs you're super single as f&^%


Happy Valentine's Day lovers! I pray you guys have the most romantic day ever. I really do. No bullshit. I already hooked you guys up yesterday with some sweet sounds from the one and only Mr. Brian McKnight so y'all good. Now, I got to spend some time showing love to my fellow super single folks. You know, this day ain't so bad. We get to scratch our asses whenever we'd like; we get to buy ourselves whatever we want; we get to netflix and chill by ourselves and we get to wear our favorite comfortable PJs tonight. It sounds like a great Valentine's Day night if you ask me or is this another sign that I am super single as fuck? Maybe. Speaking of which, here are 5 definite signs you are actually super single as fuck too. Enjoy!

1. Everyone gets a little more attractive. Who needs liquor when you have a dry spell for much longer than you care to admit? The struggle can be real which makes your eyes a little less discerning when it comes to looks and makes your mind less demanding when it comes to other qualities that you would've deemed as deal breakers in the past. Hey, it may sound wrong but it's true so if you find yourself with tipsy shades 24/7, then you, my friend, is super single as fuck.

2. The empty side of your bed and passenger car seat is filled with stuff. Have you ever laid in bed and noticed your purse is snuggling right beside you along with some additional random items like a pair of pants and mail? Or your passenger seat looks like an episode of hoarders? Yup? Well, you are 9 times out of 10 super single as fuck.

3. You have absolutely nothing sexy in your closet. You pick cozy over cute. Why purchase anything silky when cotton is so much more comfy!? In fact, your cutest piece of "lingerie" is your grandma high-waisted drawers with the strawberries on it. Hey, some guy may dig it! In the meantime, you'll probably be super single as fuck.

4. You are totally oblivious to flirting. An attractive guy walks up to you, smiles, asks you 21 questions, maintains eye contact, jokes with you and you? Well, you answer all the questions, look away after each one and chuckle slightly when he jokes. You're too busy thinking about what great meal you're going to have when you leave. Damn shame when dinner could've been on him or hell, dinner could've just been him. However, you are super single as fuck so you don't even notice all the signs of interest at all. I bet your friends tell you when someone is interested in you more so than your own brain.

5. You get a pet cat and treat Mr. Snickers like your only child. I don't think I need to say anything more than that.

So what are some other signs you can think of? Also, are you super single as fuck and loving it? Let me know below so we can share some laughs on this lovely day.