treat yourself the way you want to be treated


“Treat others the way you want to be treated” is a classic saying that you have probably heard many times. However, “treat you the way you want to be treated” is not a common saying but just as important.

If you were able to objectively view your inner dialogue with self, what would the conversation be like? Would it be a loving rapport? Would you consider yourself a best friend or a worst enemy? Do you belittle yourself every chance you get? Do you empower yourself sometimes? Do you tell yourself how wonderful you are? Do you say “you’re beautiful” or “good job” or “you’ll get there” or any other positive affirmation that you would normally tell your family or friends?

If you were able to objectively view your actions towards yourself, what would the relationship be like? Are you loving, kind, compassionate, accepting? Do you treat you like royalty? Do you give yourself gifts, take yourself out on fun dates, spend quality time with you? Do you go on nice walks and have great talks with yourself where you understand you so much better? Do you forgive yourself and notice the blessing in the lesson? Do you abuse yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically? Do you care about your emotions and treat them tenderly? Is there a high level of respect in this relationship? Is there unconditional love in this relationship, the kind you truly want in a relationship with others?

How can you expect someone to treat you like gold if you are treating yourself like a piece of coal? Even if another person is trying their hardest to treat you as the priceless human being that you are, there is only so much he or she can do without pushing your own limitations of you.

How can you expect someone to treat you like gold if you are treating yourself like a piece of coal?

There are a number of ways to treat yourself better. Here are three quick ones:

1) Seek a dream of yours and follow through on it. It can be as simple as meditating for one hour per day or as elaborate as publishing your very first song. Whatever the case may be, find one dream of yours, develop a plan and then execute it. Automatically, you will be giving yourself the chance to make a dream into reality and that is the most surreal feeling in the world once you see it in fruition. It will boost your self-worth tremendously.

2) Be nice to yourself. Whenever a negative thought about you comes to mind, try to stop it midway and think of a positive one. For instance, as soon as you think of a physical trait that you view in a negative light, find a physical trait that you do find attractive. This may take some time to get used to but mindfulness brings many opportunities to be more kind to yourself and confidence will build as a result.

3) Take yourself out sometimes. You, yes you, DESERVE time for yourself! Celebrate you. Get out your favorite outfit and paint the town red with love! Go to your favorite restaurant; buy that book you were eyeing; go to the festival that features your favorite artist. Hell, if you can, make a day all about you! Go to the spa. Go to the movies. As one of my favorite YouTubers, Shameless Maya, says, “Do you, boo!”

So yes, the classic saying is classic for a reason but please remember that the way you treat you is just as important because if you feel good about you then you will, of course, want everyone else to feel good with you so go on and make this saying a new classic in your life “Treat you the way you want to be treated.”

What are some more ways you treat yourself? Please share and let's uplift each other!