10 things you can do to enjoy your snow day


If you find yourself in the middle of a snowstorm wondering what to do next with your day, then don't you worry. I got you... perhaps a little than normal but I still got you! For most introverts, it won't be hard to figure out what to do next during a snow day since we love our alone time but for extroverts, today may feel like torture. However, staying at home doesn't have to be boring at all! In fact, it can be a great time to pause and reflect, catch up on much-needed sleep, get certain chores done that you have been putting off or drink yourself into a stupor. If these ideas still don't tickle your fancy, here are 10 other things you can do during a snowstorm (if you don't have to work from home).

1. Have a movie-a-thon. Netflix and chill was made for moments like this. Whether you're with bae, family or just by yourself, I bet there are at least 5 movies you've been meaning to watch so why not view those films now? Grab your popcorn and your wine (21 and older, of course) and enjoy the art of film! This idea can also be applied to YouTube videos and television shows. If you do end up bingeing on a TV show, please do not end up like them...

2. Read a book. This may sound like a foreign concept to some of you (including myself lately) but sometimes, just grabbing a good ol' book - the old-fashioned kind with the distinct smell of promise and possibilities - can be a lovely way to spend a day. Similar to film, it's nice to sometimes escape the reality of being homebound and travel to other lands and dimensions based on the words on the page and your vivid imagination.

3. Create a vision board. Who says vision boards have to be created only around the new year? Any time is a great time to dig through magazines or Pinterest and create a collage of your dreams. You can make one that is strictly on one topic to further enhance the law of attraction. Recently, I created a love vision board digitally so I can set it as my new iphone wallpaper. I can feel the love coming a mile away. ;) Speaking of which, I found a really cool tutorial by natural hair guru, Whitney White. Watch it below! If you want further info on vision boards, click HERE.


4. Clean, clear and connect. If you feel like you must move around in order to feel productive, then get some chores done mindfully by cleaning your space, clearing your clutter and connecting to yourself via prayer and meditation. Sometimes, physically cleaning your home can help bring new life to your space and clear out stale energy that surrounds you and is within you.

5. Play board games. Before the days of Xboxes and Playstations, there were Scrabble, Jenga, and Uno. Fortunately, the latter games still exist and can be an awesome source of fun with you and your loved ones. It can also serve as a nice break away from technology.

6. Try a new recipe. Want to test your culinary skills? A snow day can be the perfect day to do just that by trying a brand new recipe. It's always fun to learn something new and even better when you master it. Even if you're not an Emeril or a Julia, you can always push yourself with your cooking and see what comes out. The worse that could happen is that you totally mess up the meal. Have some backup meals just in case! (Oh and please don't burn the house down) If you want a starting point, try this delicious recipe of sinful Snickers Brownies by Divas Can Cook. (And yes, I made them and they are indeed damn good!)

7. Learn the basics of a new language. If you always wanted to learn French but felt too busy to study, then today is your lucky day. One of the best benefits of snow days is the fact that it forces you to slow down a little providing many opportunities to learn something new - including a new language. Start now and check out 20 of the best free websites to learn a new language at HERE.

8. Minimize your closet. If you got 20 pairs of shoes, 40 dresses and/or 100 shirts and 20 pairs of pants, then it may be a good time to start clearing your closet of clothes that you haven't worn since 1978. Give up the bell bottoms bruh.

9. Have a spa day. Give yourself a day of luxury with a wonderful spa day. Gather all your wonderful bath items and unwind with some mellow music, a glass of wine and a warm bubble bath. If you're with bae, even better! You can give each other massages, get your romance on and see the sparks fly!

10. Go outside and enjoy the snow! Be a kid again and build a snowman or a snow angel. Or sit outside on the porch with a hot coco and watch the small tiny flakes fall effortlessly before they get on your last nerve!

Are you in the middle of this year's snowmageddon? If so, what are you doing to enjoy your snow day? Let's talk about it!