There are a million and one ways to begin a conversation. One of the easiest and most effective ways is by bringing up a shared interest. That is the beauty of blogs because people gather to one spot where they read, comment and converse about a variety of topics that peaks the interest of the writer and reader. I absolutely love it when I read a blog post and I have to take a step back and think about my response because the piece pushes my previous viewpoint or it's rich with commentary that I have to take my time to see all the layers of the blogger's argument. It just makes this blogger's heart sing so without further adieu, here are some of my favorite posts from bloggers who can chit chat and present commentary in a commanding way.

Monopoly & Myths of Criminal Justice | Darryl Walker of Zone of Non-Being is one of the most well-versed writers I've ever read. He is amazing with picking a controversial topic, unpacking its content - history and all - and then presenting an argument that is strong and well backed-up with intense research. So if you disagree, it's best to bring your A game because he definitely brings his from the onset. In this post, he shares the news that Hasboro - the makers of Monopoly - is working towards modernizing its classic game by using today's social media symbols (hashtags, emojis, etc.) as game pieces. Let's just say that Darryl has a few words about the update that'll have you giving Monopoly the biggest side eye. | READ HERE

Death to First Date Questions | Dating. Do I need to say anything more to prove how this topic alone sparks a many of conversations? I doubt it but I'll keep going because my girl, Josie always have me sipping tea, living for shade and saying "mmhmm" when discussing the hot topic of relationships and dating on her sassy blog, Mind Jo Business. Throughout her blog, Josie explores the rollercoaster ride of relationships from start to finish. This post hilariously depicts all of the cringeworthy questions that people say all the time during first dates. I agree with her. They all need to die! | READ HERE

Monday Musings: My Top 5 Celebrity BFFs | If you were famous, who do you think would be your celebrity friends? This question was asked by the carefree blogger, Audrey of AudreyCan and I thought, "Hmm... that's a fun question to think about." In the post, she shares her top 5 based on the daily fabulousness they display and I commented with my picks that were based on who I thought I would vibe with (or who I thought was cute lol). Read her choices and share your picks. Also, if you are ever at a party, this would be a great random topic to bring up. You can thank Audrey later. ;) | READ HERE

Monday Notes: Random Thoughts | KE Garland is a writer who makes you look deeply within yourself. Each post almost feels like a much-needed therapy session you didn't even know you needed. She also shares herself openly in a way that makes you feel welcome to share your story. If that's not a wonderful space to have a conversation, I don't know what is. Even when she shares her random thoughts, she drives you to go inward and share your findings. | READ HERE

Motivational Monday Moment - 3/6/2017 | Apparently, I like Monday posts for this section. How ironic. However, it makes sense when someone uses their blog as a diary of sorts. You're bound to draw some dialogue with your readers. Vulnerability has a beautiful way of doing that. Tikeetha knows this all too well with her introspective and informative blog, A Thomas Point of View. She writes about her ups and downs in love, life, and parenting. She also gives very useful tips that you can carry with you throughout your life. In this "Motivational Monday" post, she reveals her troublesome relationship with her father and how it has made her aware of the difference between grace and forgiveness. A very powerful read, for sure. | READ HERE

Have you read a post recently that provoked thought and conversation? Let's talk about it!