Nothing like some wisdom in the blogosphere


Everyone has wisdom. Everyone has the ability to share their insights that provoke positivity and productivity. Everyone has an inner guru that knows the ways of the world instinctively. All we have to do is listen and be willing to share our deepest truths with one another. Nine times out of ten, they'll align with our own thoughts on life, love and what happens in between. It's always a special experience when you feel this alignment while reading a blog post. It makes you feel less alone in the world. It makes you feel empowered, passionate and motivated. It makes you feel love sweetly and profoundly. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite posts that are filled with wisdom by fellow bloggers:

It's okay not to feel okay | It's pretty funny that we get down on ourselves for feeling down as if that helps matters at all. However, us humans don't usually notice the irony of such a dichotomy so we go along with life thinking something is wrong with us for feeling very natural emotions. Fortunately, there are those who help us remember that it's truly okay to feel your feelings - the ups and the downs. I guess when one turns 30, there is bound to be an increase of wise words that start to blurt out. One of the nice things about being 30, which Liz of Am I Thirty Yet? totally gets, I'm sure. She recently posted a personal post where she talks about her not feeling her best and how she is making peace with not feeling okay. A reminder we can all use for sure! | READ HERE

On Grandparents, Sages and Ancestors | Of course, it is always amazing when you're around someone a little bit older to offer guidance and words of wisdom to us young folk. We can learn so much. Unfortunately, we don't realize or notice the value of our older members of society who deserve our attention the most. Lady G of Seek The Best blog makes a strong case for this truth in her passionate post about grandparents, sages, and ancestors and how much of a blessing they are in our lives. | READ HERE

Life Is To Live | In the age of The Secret, we are oftentimes bombarded with the message of having to find our passion. Sometimes, the message is so strong that it makes you think that if you don't find your passion, you're going to combust and die on the spot. Fortunately, this doesn't happen and also, passion is not necessary something you find - just something that flows naturally. Q. Rumbley of Carve & Draw illustrates this distinction beautifully with her personal story of how she ended up doing art for a living. It always feels good when someone tells us to chill and enjoy life for what it is, not what others think it should be. | READ HERE

In Loving Security | How can you become secure with yourself and your life? The idea of success may come to mind. However, success is not about having the biggest check or the having the most possessions. It's more so about love than anything else. I've said this on my blog a few times and it's great to get that reminder yet again from the compassionate blogger, Jacqueline from A Cooking Pot & Twisted Tales. In a simple quote, she encompasses what I tried to explain in multiple posts. Sometimes, simple and sweet is exactly what is needed to get a point across. Shout out to Jacqueline for presenting this powerful message in this direct way. | READ HERE

Who needs a cheering section? | Have you ever aligned your worth based on others' opinions? Yes, me too. More often than I care to admit actually. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the reaction of others when they view your work or see your creation or examine your growth. However, it's debilitating to depend on others to feel worthy and that's the exact point Shun P explains in this post. Shun is one of those bloggers who poetically expresses his viewpoint with enlightened eyes, in touch ears and thoughtful words. It's always refreshing to read his blog because you leave feeling lighter than before. | READ HERE

Have you felt some good vibes from bloggers lately? Let us know the details! The more good vibes, the better.