The media is an extremely powerful medium. I have written about this in an alarming piece but let's look at the positives for a change. The media we view and take in has the incredible ability to shift our thoughts, to inspire action and to push us towards feeling a plethora of emotions. This tool can be used in miraculous ways and engage us with positive imagery. It can also be a fantastic tool to promote compassion for one another. Bloggers have the opportunity to share these good vibes with others in a multifaceted way through words, sounds, and visuals. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite posts that are media-focused by fellow bloggers:

Movie Blog Post: The Shack | "I got to sit in the very center of the theater, there were two other journalists to my far left in the other section and the PR rep from Allied in the very back of the theater, but it felt like the screening was just for me, and more importantly, it felt like God, called Papa in the book/movie, came to meet me where 'I live' to just sit and visit, in the best way possible," says Food and Movie enthusiast, LeAnne of Tinsel & Tine. That quote alone shows the power of media, which this blogger knows all too well with her unflinching passion for all things cinema. In her heartfelt review of the surreal film, The Shack, she focuses on how much the movie, based on the bestselling novel by William Paul Young, touched her emotionally. She also mentions the incredible cast and cinematography which captures the inspiration of the film perfectly. | READ HERE

One Book One New York Gets Reading | The media has the capability to influence people to do something that is pretty foreign nowadays - reading a book. Trudy, the blogger of Rendezvous En New York, highlights an exciting new program that the City of New York is pursuing to build community amongst their citizens. To put it simply, the program consists of building the largest book club in the nation by using social media, including YouTube to gather votes for the chosen book to read and encouraging conversations about the book with a variety of events, fostering community amongst New York's biggest book lovers. Sounds like a cool idea right? Read more about it on Trudy's website and while you're at it, learn more about New York and its many gems from a proud native. | READ HERE

Stay Organized As A Solopreneur With Eboni Merriman Of Lost Queens (#QuirkSessions) | Sometimes, bloggers glow up so much - they have their own channel like Ms. Bryanda Law of Quirtastic, formerly known as Quirky, Brown Love. Talk about goals. In this clip, Bryanda interviews the founder and owner of Lost Queens, Eboni Merriman and ask her for tips on how to stay organized as sole owner and operator. Sidenote: I usually don't ever say this but I was freaking out while watching this video because Bryanda looks like me and she is cool and quirky too. I am like, "Are you my long lost twin?" Lol Anyway, don't mind me. Just having a moment. Watch the video and check out her amazing blog too. | READ HERE

16 TV and Movie Couples from the 90s We All Loved | Oh the nostalgia one can have when reminiscing on your favorite shows back in your day. For us, 30 something folk, the 90s is just everything from the oversized clothes to the over-adlib vocals. Joanae from the site, Naetorious, was able to capture those feels simply by stating tv/movie and real life couples that we will never forget from the 90s. The memories... | READ HERE

Sewing Tips - My Favorite Video Clips of the Week | One of the coolest parts of YouTube is the endless stream of tutorials. You can become a professional baker, pole dancer, singer, author, and magician simply by watching. I don't believe, Sheila, founder and owner of La Cartera Designs is looking to take on any of the previously listed positions. However, she still searches the web for sewing tips and learns a lot while watching them. That's awesome that someone who creates fabulous fashion pieces is still willing to expand her skill set as a professional sewer. She also shares her findings on her fabulous blog too. | READ HERE

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