What's the best part about Friday? I guess a sense of freedom from the 9-5 grind. However, we can always feel free if we notice the poetry in our lives. What do I mean? Well, poetry is one of those open-ended works of art that shines a light on all the layers of life from the mundane to the marvelous. If we viewed our lives like a never-ending poem, we may appreciate it more. Just a poetic thought. 😏 Anyway, without further adieu, here are 5 other poetic thoughts that are in the more traditional format by some of my favorite fellow bloggers:

Shine | Russ is one grateful man who has managed to pursue his dreams later on in his life. As a writer, he has authored multiple children's books and poetry books and created multiple blogs and written many songs. I guess you can also say Russ is a renaissance man. With this post, he shares a poem about a love that is warm and eternal. | READ HERE

The Art of Missing You | Typically, when you are missing someone, it is really painful. Somehow, Neha of Forgotten Meadows, managed to turn that sadness into a beautiful art. This is not surprising when you read her poems for they all have this serene quality that feels calming while reading them. | READ HERE

In The Morning | Life has been expressed in so many poetic ways and I'm still in awe with its unique arrangements. Kristina is another poet who has captured life in such a melodic way that it almost makes you want to hum a little tune in the key of nature. She usually causes this feeling with her deep-rooted words that shines brightly on her blog. | READ HERE

The Way of Joy | On The Heath is one of those blogs that you stay around for a little while. The writer, Heath, captures life's many twists and turns with a steady pen that makes you feel every facet. In this poem, he presents the simple joys that we usually take for granted. Fortunately, he wrote this poem to remind us. | READ HERE

Welcomed Bliss | Love is the first word that comes in mind when I think of Wendell's words in his blog, Where Words Daily Come Alive. Whether talking about God or the lady in his life, he details the emotions of love delicately yet boldly. That may seem like a contradiction but for his poetry, it works perfectly. His poems are like a warm blanket that you hold dearly. If you are a lover of love, then this poem and entire blog is for you. | READ HERE