5 more signs you love food a little too much

Do you want to lick the screen? Then that is sign number 1, my friend.

Do you want to lick the screen? Then that is sign number 1, my friend.

Last November, I wrote a list that pretty much explains those of us who have an endless infatuation for food. It's hilarious and relatable, if I do say so myself. What can I say? When you love food, nothing or no one can stop your deep passion for herbs, spices, veggies, carbs, and meats. Whether you are a true carnivore or a careful plant-based eater, everyone who loves food can relate to the pure joy of having good grub in front of them. Since there are so many signs that you love food a little too much, I had to write down 5 more because why not? It's the month of Thanksgiving and this is the best season to show our undying love for food without being silently judged. 

1. Grocery shopping is life! To most, grocery shopping is just another burdensome chore that you have to do. To the ones who love food immensely, it is a chance to play with all the wonderful possible meal ideas you had floating in your head for weeks! And you never stick to your list because "Hello! Did you see those oranges that were on sale and that lightly salted popcorn that popped out of nowhere and let's not even mention that piece of dark chocolate that was calling your name like "Pssst... come here, ma." 

2. "Wanna hang out?" means "Wanna go out to eat?" There are literally gazillion things to do for fun and yet, every single time you ask one of your friends to hang out, y'all both know it's time to try that new restaurant or take advantage of that happy hour special (which is never about just the drinks). It never fails! 

3. You always need a snack handy, just in case. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you will somehow maneuver a way into fitting a snack somewhere. You could be out swimming in the middle of nowhere and you'll somehow have a pack of oreos in your swimsuit. It's that serious! Besides, who wants to deal with a hangry person!? 

4. You wake up thinking about breakfast. When you groggily get up from a nice sleep and think, "Hmmm... what should I eat? Maybe a healthy smoothie...nah it's [insert any day of the week]... let me just make an egg and cheese sandwich with a little fruit on the side," you're officially greedy as f and I love you for it! 

5. You think, "Who needs sex when you got chocolate cake!?" Okay, was that too far? Alright... but I bet a few of you are nodding your head to that one like

I know I am not the only greedy mofo. Embrace your food-loving self and let me know which signs you relate to below!

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