4 Moments That Made Back To School Funny As F

Ah…September. A new season slides on in. Our favorite shows come back on TV. Our summer break is over. And for some of us, it’s time to go back to school. Speaking of which, remember when you were a youngin’ and you had to go back to school? Remember all the funny shit we used to do back then? Let’s go down memory lane! Here are 4 moments that made back to school funny as f:

1. Those damn back to school commercials. Remember when you were out and about, enjoying your summer days, going to the cookouts, to the parties, to the mall, watching your favorite videos on The Box and then flip through the channels and see this shit…

 Wasn’t that like the most annoying thing ever? You were just living your best life two seconds ago until you were reminded that your break is almost over. Thanks Staples for letting me know that my fun is almost done. Appreciate it!

2. Being low-key excited about those new school supplies. Despite the fact that those dreadful commercials would come on over and over again, you have to admit that you were ready to get that brand new trapper keeper and those pastel pens and those folders with the cool designs and that composition book that wasn’t black and white. Don’t lie. You were ready to show off your new book bag to everyone at school. Don’t front.

3. First day of school was the original New York Fashion Week. In addition to those new school supplies, you probably were getting your wardrobe revamped or trying to at least until your mama said “Hayle no” and you were stuck trying to make the old threads look brand new. Either way, we all can remember how everyone tried to put on their finest threads by the most top-notch designers like Karl Kani and LA Gear. New York Fashion Week had nothing on the first day of school.

4. The HGTV makeovers in our lockers. If you were fortunate to have lockers at your school, then that meant you could practice your interior decorating skills and get your Nate Berkus on with the inside of your lockers. Lockers weren’t just about personal belongings and books. Nah… lockers were a reflection of your style, of your life essentially. People used to put stickers, posters, mirrors, a refrigerator, couch… everything! I am still amazed at the artistry of it all.

And now that I think about it, none of these moments really pertain to actual learning which makes me realize how much the media and consumerism has really made us put value on things from a young age…

But nevertheless, it was still funny as f! Ha!

Now, I know I ain’t the only one who remembers when back to school was lit on the low! Let me know of your back-to-school stories as a youngin. I’d love to read your experience and laugh my ass off!