5 fun things to do when you’re tired of adulting


Have you ever heard your alarm ring on a Monday morning and thought to yourself, “Really? It’s already 7am? Didn’t I just go to sleep? Is today really Sunday and you’re playing a jedi mind trick, Lord? No? *sighs* I’m tired of adulting. Can I just take a break!?” 

Of course, after about 15 minutes of going in and out of sleep, you typically get up and go on about the business of your job-filled day. However, life doesn’t have to be monotonous. We have the power to bring the inner kid out and take a pause on bills, tasks, chores and all those other pesky responsibilities. If you need help having child-like fun, then look no further! Here are 5 fun things you can do when you’re tired of adulting:  

  1. Go to an arcade and play pac man to your heart’s delight! Just follow these three steps and I promise you’ll be feeling like you’re 6 again: Gather the homies, make a trip to your nearest arcade and play all of the games. It’s that simple. And as a bonus, you can slip a little adulting by drinking a little somethin’ somethin' if it’s a late night trip but there’s really no need. It has been proven that a natural high happens when you play Donkey Kong like it’s 1981. This is scientific fact, people.

  2. Play your favorite board game with your closest friends and family. Remember when people actually sat around each other and talk? I know, such an anomaly right? Well believe it or not, this actually used to happen and there were games created for these moments. I know, so bizarre, right? However, it makes total sense! Just dust off that Monopoly, Life, and Scrabble and start a tournament! And you may want to leave some of those super competitive people at home because this is about having fun, not having a headache. (I say that with love my super competitive folks reading this.)

  3. Whip out a blank canvas and create your masterpiece. Back in elementary school, art class was lit! You were able to just play in colorful paints and express yourself any way you’d like or you got a chance to learn how to draw something dope! Whether you stay at home and create your Basquiat or attend a Painting with a Twist event and learn how to paint a bowl of fruit, make sure you relax and be one with your art!

  4. Lose yourself in some good music and dance! Some dope tunes always guarantees some good vibes, especially when they make you want to move your body. Who cares if you look like Elaine from Seinfeld! Dance anyway whether you’re alone or in a roomful of people. At the end of the day, it’s about boosting your energy, not satisfying their judgment so let the music move you, literally!

  5. Rock some clothes that you make you feel festive for no damn reason. Everyone has that piece of clothing that makes you feel fly as f but typically, we rarely wear that item. Why not!? Life is too short to be holding off on some fashionable threads. YOLO baby! Break out that flashy Kwame-inspired polkadot shirt and start trends!

Okay, you read through the list and ready to stop the adulting for a bit? Then, tell me which one of these are you planning on doing? Or did you come up with an even better idea to tap into your inner child? Let me know below!