A Reflection On Inconsistency


I am that annoying person that refuses to be consistent with their content.

We all know that person who keeps “rebranding” their website, blog, channel, vlog, IG account every two years after long hiatuses; only to pop up on their audience randomly to say “Hey guys! Guess what? I’m back for real and for good!” The lies this person tells to their audience unknowingly. Of course, the audience, the few that are still left, are not one bit surprise and just rolls their eyes as this person promises the world. It can be annoying I’m sure and yet, I am so that person and while we are being honest, let me just be frank about this site:

This content may disappear in 5 years time. I may shift my vision yet again. There is a high probability that I will change this layout. I will also probably bring some old content and act like it’s new. I may think my words can be even better years down the line and throw the whole blog away. I won’t make any false promises nor act like I’m here to become a professional content maker because that dream has sailed many moons ago and I said goodbye to the bittersweet memories. I may take long periods of time in between posts. This space is not a entrepreneurial dream anymore. This is just a personal space for me to share my creativity so it’ll flow when it flows so I don’t blame you if you’re currently rolling your eyes at my inconsistent ways but I can only keep it 100 with you. The inconsistency shall continue.

As you may know, for many years, I wanted to be a professional blogger and for awhile, I was going hard towards that dream. I mean posting-5-days-a-week hard. (What the hell was I thinking? Talk about burnout. Whew!) However, this past year, I noticed I was being divinely-guided towards a new career path and I’m perfectly fine with its direction. It still aligns with the heart of my endeavors - doing my own small part to help the greater whole so I’m content with letting that dream go.

Nevertheless, I realized that this website didn’t have to die in order for me to shift. In fact, I need this space in order to thrive. It is my creative hub and in my humble opinion, I think everyone could benefit from having their own creative hub because we all got more issues than tissues and expressing oneself is a great form of therapy if you ask me.

So with that said, I wish you all a lot of therapy in the new year! Lord knows we need it.