A Little Proses for My Fellow Writers


It’s funny when you have a million thoughts run through your mind per day but have absolutely no words to write on a page. The world stops as soon as you grab a pen and silence is the only sound that lies within. You look back at old words astounded that they were written by you and wonder why you can’t recapture those moments, feeling like a fool. Try your hardest to push past your writer’s block but only manage to sit there stuck like a rock. However, you don’t give up; you just take a break and patiently, you decide to fucking wait until words flow like the seas and you’re looking back at your own words like “Wow, that’s me!?” Oh the beauty of writing is in the push and the pull which makes the magic of it oh so beautiful so if you’re having a moment of frozen letters, please remember, my friend, that you’re truly clever and you will have words again.